Henry Wollman

Henry Wollman graduated from Dartmouth College in 1967 and was first in his class (class of 1971) at the Yale School of Architecture. He was editor-in-chief of Perspecta, the Yale Architecture Journal, and has been the recipient of the Marcus Heiman Award for Graphic Design, the American Institute of Architects Scholastic Medal, and a National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship. Between 1968-73 Mr. Wollman completed further graduate work at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University and between 2004-06, at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

Professional Associations: 1971–1987
Mr. Wollman taught architectural theory and history at Yale from1971–73. He entered professional practice with I. M. Pei and Partners in 1973. In 1975 Mr. Wollman was invited to join the Beame Administration as a special yearlong consultant to the New York City Housing & Development Administration, with responsibilities for developing the planning documents for the impending shift in New York City housing policy from new construction to rehabilitation. In 1977 he returned to architectural practice with Davis Brody and Associates, and in 1981 he joined Haines Lundberg Waehler as principal designer. In 1983 he established his own consulting practice in planning and architectural design. Between 1983 and 1988 projects were completed by Mr. Wollman's firm and in collaboration with Emery Roth & Sons, James Stewart Polshek & Partners, the Preservation Technology Group, and Jack L. Gordon Architects. In 1988 Mr. Wollman established Union Equities Ltd. and its partner firm Development Planning and Design Inc. Both firms have as their sole arena of focus large-scale residential development.

Professional Work: 1973-83
General Built Projects
Among Mr. Wollman's built projects are the Cambridge Center office complex and commercial development in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for Boston Properties, and the Hawthorne Cedar-Knolls School in Hawthorne, New York, both with Davis Brody and Associates; the Schering Plough Corporate Headquarters building in Madison, New Jersey and the IBM Research and Manufacturing Facility in Poughkeepsie, New York, both with Haines Lundberg Waehler; the renovation of Shea Stadium, and the expansion of the Nightingale Bamford School in New York, both with Jack L. Gordon.

Professional Work 1973-Present
General Master Planning:
Mr. Wollman has been the designer and author of the following master plans and urban design studies: the master plan for the renovation and expansion of the New York Psychiatric Hospital and Institute at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York; the Lafayette Pace mixed-use development in Boston and the 57th Street subway station for the proposed New York City Second Avenue line, both with I. M. Pei & Partners; the urban new-town proposal for Berry's Creek Center in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, for Richard Ravitch and a new physical development master plan for the University of Pennsylvania, both with Davis Brody; and the master expansion plan for the Grumman Corporation in Bethpage, New York with Emery Roth. In 2003 Mr. Wollman directed the Newman Real Estate Institute pubic policy proposals on the development of the Far West Side of Manhattan, comprising a wide number of studies. In 2004 he directed a master plan proposal for the redevelopment of a major area of central Queens between LaGuardia Airport, and downtown Flushing.

Housing-related Design and Development: 1985–Present
Housing developments directed by Mr. Wollman include the planning, design and construction implementation as an adaptive reuse as 200 housing units of the historic mill at Little Falls, New Jersey; a 60-unit residential condominium in Great Neck, New York; the thirty-story/270 unit "Embassy" (now "Pinnacle") condominium tower in Forest Hills, New York; the rehabilitation plan for the national landmark ALCOA building in Edgewater, New Jersey as 400 condominium residential units for Olympia and York; the master plan submission to the City of New York for the City-owned 300-acre Arverne site new-town residential development for Kraus Enterprises; the master implementation plan for the construction of 2,000 mixed-income housing units for the Fair Housing Implementation Office in Yonkers, New York (under the supervision of the United States Department of Justice and Federal District Court, Southern District, New York).

Residential Development: 1988–2004
Union Equities Ltd.
In 1988 Mr. Wollman founded the residential development company Union Equities Ltd., and in 1989 its sister technical arm Development Planning and Design Inc. The following development projects have been undertaken by Union Equities Ltd. since its founding in 1988, with all design and technical studies directed by Union Equities' sister firm Development Planning and Design Inc.: A 1000-acre site in Milford, Pennsylvania, for a new-town development of 200 single-family residential units; an 8-acre site in downtown Mount Kisco, New York for approximately 125 moderate income condominium units; a 25-acre site in Mount Kisco, New York for a cluster-plan, single-family, middle-income project; and a 6-acre site in Bedford, New York for the construction of 76 condominium units on an 80%:20% market:middle-income plan. Acquisition of the Bedford site was completed in April 1994; final site plan and construction approvals were granted in November 1995; financing was completed by Union Equities in January 1996 with the Community Preservation Corporation; construction by the Ginsburg Company began in March 1997. In 1997 Mr. Wollman founded the Westchester Housing Consortium, dedicated to the large-scale development of middle-income housing in Westchester, without public assistance. Projects were proposed for development on an 80%:20% basis similar to Union Equities' Bedford project. Initial sites under contract with Union Equities for Consortium developments include a 54-acre site in Chappaqua, and a 29-acre site in Pound Ridge. The governmental approval processes for these sites commenced in the spring of 1998. Other prospective development sites under consideration by Union Equities included a 400-acre site in Lewisboro, an 8-acre site in Mount Kisco, and a 114-acre site in North Salem.

Founding Director: 1996--2007
The Newman Real Estate Institute/City University of NY
In 1996 Mr. Wollman was appointed the founding director of the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute at City University of New York. The Newman Institute was created to establish a public policy forum for real estate and development issues within the entire metropolitan New York region. During Mr. Wollman's tenure the Institute was comprised of four parts dedicated to a wide variety of activities in (1)professional education, (2)public policy research in real estate and development for New York City, (3)an extensive array of public programs under the aegis of The New York Real Estate Forum, and (4)a variety of publications including the creation of the development journal "Properties" and the founding of the exhibition program on New York City at the Institute-created "Pergolis Urban Gallery." The Institute's Advisory Board of Directors is composed of the core leadership of New York and national real estate communities. Mr. Wollman, after eleven years of Institute leadership, resigned in 2007 to devote himself to the full-time presidency of Quadriad Realty Partners.

Residential Planning: 2005--Present
Development Planning & Design Inc.
In 2005, in association with the founding of Quadriad Realty Partners (below), Mr. Wollman re-established Development Planning & Design Inc as a New York-focused planning firm, to furnish to the development community assistance in furthering mixed-income residential development in New York.
The master plan for Williamsburgh Terrace, including the creation of a new mixed-income residential zone within the New York City Zoning Resolution, was completed in summer 2007. A sequence of additional neighborhood focused master plans have ensued, organized around prospective Quadriad development sites.

Residential Development: 2006--Present
Quadriad Realty Partners/New-strategy Developments
In 2005, following the completion at the Institute of a major study on the future of affordable housing in New York City for the New York City Public Advocate and The City Council, Mr. Wollman founded, with Herman Badillo, Quadriad Realty Partners in New York. Quadriad's primary focus is dedicated to the implementation of the affordable housing "New-strategy" outlined in that report. "Williamsburgh Terrace," a proposed 270 unit mixed-income residential development in Brooklyn employing many of the principles outlined in the Institute's 2005 proposal, is Quadriad's "Tranche-I" New-strategy development, now under construction in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sites representing Tranches-II through Tranche-V suitable for New-strategy development have been assembled or identified. Information about these nine prospective sites, spread across northern Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, can be obtained directly from Quadriad Realty Partners.

Academic Associations:
In addition to this tenure at the City University of New York as founding director of he Newman Real Estate Institute, Mr. Wollman has served as instructor in architecture and architectural history at Yale, and as visiting lecturer at Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Monographs, Documents & Publications
Mr. Wollman founded the real estate-planning journal Properties and was its initial editor. He, has authored a wide variety of papers and documents, including the 2005 five-volume report to the public advocate of New York City and the New York City Council on the future of affordable and moderate-income housing in New York City. A complete list of these documents may be obtained from Quadriad Realty Partners.