Evelyn Kalka

Ms. Kalka is president of DPD: Development, Planning & Design

Ms. Kalka received her initial professional education in her native country at the RWTH Aachen, one of Germany's premier universities, as well as at the art academy in Berlin (UDK Berlin, formerly known as: HDK Berlin). Since 1997, she has been living and working in the United States. She received her American master's degree in architecture from Princeton University in 2008.

Ms Kalka is a LEED Accredited Professional (new construction) with the U.S. Green Building Council since 2009 and has been engaged in sustainable architectural strategies since working for Christoph Ingenhoven in 1992, one of Germany's leading architectural practice in sustainable design and ecologically oriented high-rise buildings.

Professional Experience:

Ms. Kalka acquired practical experience on all phases of a project, from the initial design to construction administration, while working for planners, urban designers and architects in Aachen, Düsseldorf, Berlin, New Orleans, and New York City. In 2001, she began to head her own firm, Spatial Matters LLC, to provide architectural and urban design services on all scales in New York. In 2009, Ms Kalka became president of DPD: Development, Planning & Design, a company focused on large-scale residential development in NYC and subsidiary of Quadriad Realty Partners.

Ms Kalka gained practical experience in her profession while working in various planning, urban design and architecture offices in Germany and the United States. Rather than focusing on a singular type of office or on a singular project typology, she always tried to broaden her horizon by engaging new project types and structures. From small-scale residential projects, to medium-sized residential and commercial projects, from community facilities to the planning of a complex mixed-use city-block or a university campus, she has worked on a wide variety of project scales and typologies.

As principal of Spatial Matters, Ms Kalka has worked with Henry Wollman on a wide variety of projects since 2001, first for projects led by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute at Baruch College, then for Quadriad Realty Partners and DPD. The most notable of these projects was "The Flip" a proposal of an urban planning think tank led by Henry Wollman for Manhattan's Far West Side, the area around Penn Station, Hell's Kitchen, and the Jacob Javits Convention Center. This proposal was exhibited a the Pergolis Urban Gallery. 

Ms Kalka became president of DPD in 2009. Her interests in housing, sustainable, large-scale development and intelligent densification of cities, mesh well with the goals and intentions of Quadriad and DPD. Prior to her current position at DPD, she was involved with various QRP and DPD projects, like the Willets Point renewal plan for the Queens Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Wollman and Ms Kalka have collaborated since 2001.