Quadriad Realty Partners was founded in 2006 by real estate professionals long-immersed in urban development issues in New York City.

Their common purpose:

  • to initiate a new wave of 21st-century real estate development for the city—with its population soon to reach ten million persons—and the regional New York metropolitan area;
  • to focus strongly on mixed-income residential development and a variety of related community development issues;
  • to exploit effectively the strengths and unique skills of the private real estate development and finance communities at a time of dwindling public revenues.

These issues encompass broad urban planning and redevelopment concerns, with a special focus on affordable housing, to sustain a diverse city demography:

  • implementing the "New-strategy" for building a large number—50,000-60,000 units—of moderate- and middle-income housing in New York across the next decade building cycle without resort to public financing;
  • focus on obsolescent manufacturing districts and under-built commercial corridors;
  • revitalizing the New York City zoning resolution with a new affordable zoning portable district that will enable New-strategy developments to be implemented across a broad swath of these districts and corridors;
  • incentivizing the private sector to assume greater degrees of moderate- and middle-income housing development initiative and financing;
  • complementing government's role at a time of depleting and disappearing public subsidy sources and options for affordable housing in New York.